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A prerequisite for Basic Rock is Introduction to Climbing

Course overview

Basic Rock Climbing Seminar (BRCS) is our introductory climbing course‚ we teach the basics of safe climbing.
BRCS is great for the first-time climber, the more experienced climber looking to learn a bit more, and those who haven’t climbed in a few years.
BRCS focuses on climbing safety: equipment (and using it properly), communication, belaying, lowering, and rappelling.
But, of course, no climbing course would be complete without learning how to actually climb‚ you get that in BRCS, too.
In two indoor evenings and two outdoor days, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to learn, practice, climb, and have fun. And you’ll meet plenty of other new climbers, too.

Basic Rock is one of the modules required for completion of Basic Mountaineering School if you wish to pursue the modular path.